EXPATS Trainings

EXPATS Trainings Interns’ Dos & Don’ts Program for Embassy

For Expats, preparation of relocating to a foreign country encompasses educating themselves about the history, culture, tradition, and lifestyle of the host country. The Expat also needs to equip himself to confront the diverse and unexpected set of challenges associated with his Embassy assignment. During my Expats training sessions, I primarily focus on addressing the professional’s hopes and apprehensions, with an ultimate aim to enhance his readiness and self-confidence towards undertaking the assignment. Through my Expats Training Interns’ Dos & Don’t’s Programs, I emphasize on the following points, which help Expats in rendering a successful and productive assignment:

  • How to adapt to local realities
  • How to integrate into the new Embassy environment
  • How to generate positive outcomes
  • How to mitigate risks
  • Management skills
  • Communication skills
  • Coping with Expatriation shock
  • Health & Safety
  • On-road safety

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