MSMR I do not sell Self defense

#don‘t_sell_self_defense # passion, intangible # given back to society is the best way #when it comes to serving society # selfless ways one should follow the agenda of her or his drive or initiative #

Self defense is keys of 7, S THEORY #SELF CONFIDENCE #self esteem # self empowerment #self belief #self strength #self defense comes at end of all this S#

Self defense is preventing your self before enter in to situations, it’s not about punching legs or kick, it’s about FEAR# false eminent appear right # reaction and Action.

When you think about self-defense, you rarely think of a male instructor, who will be teaching u self defense by holding and grappling you too,

As women we are more comfortable with female holding and teaching us self defense #.

Such people who have no competence in this area ask for certifications from established self defense professionals so that they can Empanel them abs make a business model for their selfish gains. L

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