“My Security My Responsibility” App which helps you how to safe your self

Keeping scenarios in mind around women safety we have written a book on women security and developed an app ‘My Safety My Responsibility’ to help women. I can assure you as a female I am more aware at basic concerns when a women face precarious situations in comparison to men who simply rely on the physical strength of a victim to maneuver oneself out of endangered situations.

 I have already told you that being a woman I am more aware about the concerns of women in face of threat. I can understand her psychological shock and need to think fast to ensure her safety. With all these concerns I have developed my app with some of the following significant features:-

  • There’s a one-time registration that requires the user(s) to fill out their details including  emergency contacts
  • In an emergency, a woman can sent text to your emergency contacts with the simple click. It will be notified that you are possibly in an emergency situation along with exact GPS coordinates every thirty seconds.
  • The nearby police control room number will also show so that relatives and friend can call the police with constant tracking location of the victim in real time.
  • App has Siren features which any female can use at the time of emergency.
  • Safety tips and products are also recorded in the app.
  • The app is available free of any cost.

Special Features                                    

  • The app doesn’t require internet data/WiFi to work. In most emergency situations, users will not be in a position to have internet working or switch it on or wait for a signal.
  • Real-time updates.
  • Works on all mobile networks and smartphones.

 . The app is available on the both Android and apple platforms. I see no reason why this app is not going to considerable ensure women security with the help of technology and training which are the dual features of the app My Safety My Responsibility. The app is without any charge and every woman must at least download it once in their mobile women to experience the confidence it will provide to them in term of their security.  With more inputs, we would also keep evolving our app with more secure services and pass the same to India Women without charges. I also want to stress that the app has been developed keeping in mind all the privacy concerns of the customers and use the highest standards of the industry in ensuring better protection and applicability.

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