My Security My Responsibility


My Security My Responsibility:Fit,Fight & Security:Corporate workshops

This will be a one to one interacting session with few tactics and demonstration on ground as per real time situation.

Duration- 2-3 hour;

Participant level – All Male and female

How to say No in a firm manner.
Right Communication and Body Language
Human behavior and Gender equality and social Mind set of society.
Criminal psychology and stereotype mind set
How to avoid getting into trouble.
Ability to sense trouble.
In case someone has attacked, what , should I do.
Basic do’s and don’t,
Sense of dressing , for occasions ,social meetings and Night outs
How to create deterrent while boarding in public transport and Cab ,Auto,whom to call ,
Child safety tips,
Home safety and Kitchen safety
Fitness through Zumba Dance
Real life scenarios like chain snatching,bag snatching.Road rage,street fight,gun point car hijack.How to handle eve teasing.Precaution while travel by local transport .
Please note that this program is not the Martial Art or any other kind of fight class .This program is made on the reality basis day to day situations and we make the participant aware of the dos and don’ts with some basic tactics so that they can avoid the circumstance if they understood the threat and possibilities.

we will be pleased to assist you right away and would seek a meeting to assimilate you specific requirements to provide customized solutions.

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