School- Child Safety program

In the wake of increasing incidents of violence against kids in the country, safety and security of them has become imperative. Through our Safety and Security Workshops, we aim at educating them about ensuring their physical safety and emotional well-being. Our aim to reach out to all students and teachers of our society to prepare them physically & mentally  to confront untoward incidents. This Safety and Security Workshop is made on the reality basis day to day situations which helps the participants understand the dos and don’ts with some basic tactics so that they can avoid the circumstances if they gauged the threat and possibilities of getting harmed.

My Security My responsibility 
Self confidence
Self Respect
Self Inner strength
Emotional balancing – home -school- boys-social bounding/know your body changes/sense of ability of right and wrong
Teens Issues
dressing sense
personality development- conqueror your fear on stage/ talking/ presenting/ expressing in the class room
Body language /how to present your self
how to make your parent your best buddy
how to address your problems in front of teachers and parents
how to say no with firm and polite manner
how to explain your parents your feel your emotions
how to cop up with studies and out door
how to learn time management
how to discipline your time with Tv and phone and social site
how to use the technology
how to be fit .Health and body
how to win over their parents
I dare to fight back- this session will be

every day- 40 minutes- self defense – Veena Gupta- YELL/TELL/RUN and self defense will be the key factor for all student to take home.

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