Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

Sexual harassment at the workplace is an unwanted behavior of sexual nature or an unwelcome sexual advance towards a person of the same or opposite sex, through physical contact, verbal offensive comments, or non-verbal actions. Such lewd gestures and comments are unacceptable, and professionals should not only raise their voice against such behavior, but should also equip themselves to combat such activities. By conducting training and workshops on subjects of sexual harassment at corporate houses, I constantly strive to create awareness on ways of preventing, coping, and reporting of such shameful acts.

Through my training programs, I try to educate the management and employees of an enterprise to undertake initiatives, such as:

  • Formation of a Sexual Harassment Policy, clearly defining the terminology, punishment for the offence, and procedure for filing complaints.
  • Ensuring that each employee has understood the Sexual Harassment Policy.
  • Setting up of a sexual harassment committee.
  • Strict monitoring of the workplace, such as, security deployment, surveillance of visitors.
  • Well-lit work stations, staircases, and parking lots.
  • Reporting, subsequent investigation, and speedy redressal of each complaint.
  • Strict disciplinary action against employees found violating the policy.
  • Maintaining confidentiality of the complaints received.

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