Women Association’s Resources & Marketing (WARM) is my initiative towards honoring those extraordinary women, who, by virtue of their accomplishments have contributed immensely to the society. Founded in 2011, the venture works on the grounds of Women’s Achievers Club, which celebrates the talent and personal & professional feats attained by women. It offers a platform for women across the world to strengthen their connections and share their success stories with others.

WARM also intends to help and motivate women who carry the zeal to work and pursue their careers, but are unable to fulfill their dreams because of their family & household commitments. Be it work from home business, a small-scale enterprise, or a substantial project, WARM aims to support such talent and courage, by creating an appropriate platform, providing requisite resources, and even marketing the products/services in the most relevant fashion. By means of funding, networking, and providing business ideas, WARM offers assistance and encouragement to women who wish to excel in their professional lives.

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