We Talks

I thought to myself, no I cannot let her go. And i will do whatever i can to keep her, whatever i can to keep us. ( Do men say this often to her women!!!)

As time went on I found you to be this great person, true, innocent and a wonderful human being and me on the other hand was totally calculative and manipulative!!! ( Do men feel like this!!)

I found the reasons why!!! Do u think on same line!! All men and women!! do women think as new Anti Rape Law Amended !!! just to keep this in mind!!!

Or This is Myth!! Do men feel other way around!!! Do they feel they should have rights to cry!! or to show his emotions!!! come join us for this Talk show !! Entry Free

We Talks – Women Empowerment Program

We Talks is my initiative towards promoting Women Empowerment and Women Safety. Through this program, I strive to reach out to the society to proclaim the ideology of men and women having equal rights. Ranging from self-defense tactics, self-grooming tips, to encouraging women to pursue their professional lives, She Talks aims to boost the hidden talent and skill embedded within each woman. It also strives to empower women with the right information and capability to create a safe and secure environ for their fellow members and themselves.

The key points focused in this program include the following:

  • Balancing work and home commitments
  • Self Grooming including enhancing self-confidence and soft skills
  • Self Defense techniques
  • Self Financial Management
  • Skill Development
  • Law Awareness
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Individual Social Responsibility(ISR)

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